Hioffer Waist Clincher, Women’s Corrective Underwear, Weight Loss, Pelvic Correction, Corset, Back Pain Support, Belt

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Price: ¥1,190
(as of Feb 26, 2021 23:53:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description


(For a beautiful body just by putting it on) This waist nipper is easy to get a beautiful waistline. With a firm supplementing function, you can adjust the body and create a feminine hourglass waist.Breathable and stretchy mesh fabric, which is difficult to get too stiff, so you can wear it for long periods of time.Can be used anytime of the year for a quick outing, work, housework, childcare, dieting methods, lumbar support, and hunchback fixing.


Instant body make-up waist cincher! Waist cincher for a beautiful waistline just by putting it on.

Tightens your waist the moment you put it on. Easy to make up your curves!

Why choose these tummy control shapewear :

1. 3 levels of tightness can be adjusted.

2. The 4 bones are also included for excellent correction. Recommended for people with lower back pain.

3. Back Pain Support: Wraps around the back to support lower back pain.

4. Improves posture: Tightens the waist and pints your back.

5. Enhances your bust and keeps your waist neat and outstanding.

6. Postpartum remodeling remodeling your body shape that has changed after pregnancy.

7. Reinforced seams! Excellent elasticity.

8. Breathable mesh fabric prevents stuffiness.

9. Reduces the hassle of putting on and taking off.

10. Diet

11. Can be worn for all seasons and various purposes.


[Moderate tightness! The front hook type can be adjusted to 3 different levels, so you can wear it according to your physical condition.4 special springs are included, so you can securely protect your waist and stomach. It firmly holds your tummy, creates a beautiful silhouette and improves posture. (Lumbar Support) Wraps around the back to support lower back pain.It maintains a beautiful posture even when sitting, improves your back muscles and improves posture.It reduces the burden on the lower back, so it is useful for relieving back pain and changing body shape after pregnancy. (Diet without worrying about troublesome removal): You can have it all done with it. Waist type so there is no need for troublesome removal. Unlike shapewear that covers your buttocks, it does not come on or take off when you are in the toilet. When you wear a sports corset, it has a tight feeling around the stomach, so it will fall off after long time, and it can also be used as a diet. Recommended for those who suffer from weight. All sizes are available to fit all women.


Great for any occasion. A great Mother’s Day gift for a quick outing, working, housework, childcare, diet method, lumbar support, and post-back correction.


There may be some fraying at the seams of this product due to the machine-made manufacturing process. This is not a quality issue.

● There may be slight differences in color depending on the monitor settings of your computer or lighting in the room.

Due to mass production, there may be slight differences in color and size depending on the production date.Thank you for your understanding.

Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% spandex.Made with skin-friendly material that is both breathable and comfortable to wear, so it can be used all year round without any being noticeable in summer or winter.Features fashionable embroidery.Comes with 7 steel ribs in a circular arrangement and 18 columns and 3 rows of hooks that allow you to adjust and wear the item according to your physical condition.
This waist clincher tightens around your waist to hold your spine. Not only does it make your waist slimmer, but it is also great for those who have poor posture and those concerned about lower back pain.You can use this corset to correct your posture which will make it more difficult for your body to become fat, giving you a more beautiful figure from the inside out.
The belt comes with a wire to provide good lumbar support.Strengthens back muscles and improves posture.Comes in handy for reducing low back strain, and for easing low back pain.
Wearing the waist clincher will tighten up your stomach.It has a tight feeling around the stomach, so you wearing it for a long time will reduce your appetite.It can also be used for weight loss.The design’s side height allows you to collect and direct fat to your bust, thus increasing your bust size.A corrective corset that aids in postpartum recovery, offers waist support, body shaping, dieting, reducing lower back pain, increasing bust size, improving posture, etc.; Recommended for those who are interested in body shape correction.
Perfect for weddings, receptions, date with boyfriends, postpartum recovery, bride preparation, maintaining your physique, and for wearing with a yukata in the summer or with a kimono for a coming-of-age ceremony. We are always committed to providing our customers with a pleasant shopping experience –

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Hioffer Waist Clincher, Women’s Corrective Underwear, Weight Loss, Pelvic Correction, Corset, Back Pain Support, Belt
Hioffer Waist Clincher, Women’s Corrective Underwear, Weight Loss, Pelvic Correction, Corset, Back Pain Support, Belt


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