P. nto Beauty and correct posture Habits for Beanbag Cushion Beauty Pinto Pinto Beauty Brown

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Product Description

Sit down to make you look beautiful and energized. p! nto beauty

It expresses the feelings of a woman who wants to be beautiful. Keeps your pelvis in a dignified position and lifts the buttocks that are prone to underlayment of your pelvis. It wraps around your feminine hip lines. Lifts your body along your spine and keeps your ribs elevated Beautify your waistline that sagges with gravity and keeps your bustline high The sharp shape is designed with bone alignment to prevent the body from collapsing and help you achieve a beautiful posture. Creates a habit of effortless soft beauty. Envelop yourself in the comfort of Eslem technology to recognize the correct position and become beautiful. Easy to move in, breathe easily, raises your face, brightens your face, and heats up energy. Our goal is to not only look but also feel invigorating and beautiful from the inside. You want to be more beautiful and do not want to ruin your body lines. Pint Beauty is the perfect pillow for that lovely woman.

Unique technology created over 300 custom pillows per year! Uses Eslem technology.

Occupational Therapist Yuko Nomura has been adopted over 300 custom cushions per year to create a sitting position retention device with posture.There are many lectures on human body, environment, and rehabilitation. What is Occupational Therapist? Experts in rehabilitating and bodyHelps recover essential functions in daily life.By treating and assisting in the development of “Daily Life Activities (ADL)”, you can help you rehabilitate work, hobby, play, and more.

Four ideal supportsShaped to return to the correct axis when moved

2. Lower Back Support: Prevents pelvis distortion and backward tilting and provides correct positioning information to maintain the base of your body. 3. Supporting your buttock: Prevents pelvis from collapsing and provides proper positioning information for the sciatica that is essential for sitting balance. 4. Foot Support: Provides information to prevent excessive tension on your feet and keep your thighs in the correct position for ease of movement.

Pint Beauty is a cushion for women who focus on bone alignment and muscle work to keep their beauty.

Comparison with or without focusing beauty: Pelvis falls over and the buttocks muscles become a pelvic underlayment.The back is rounded and the stomach is crushy, and the muscles are hard to work.As such, the ribs also fall forward and the bust is facing downward.Heavy head comes forward and puts strain on your neck and shoulders. So use Pint Beauty! Keeps your pelvis upright and creates beautiful spine linesIt can keep the ribs high and keep your waistline and bustline beautiful.It can keep your head light, so the lines of your neck and shoulders are refreshed and bright.

The Pint Series will restore the original axis of your body just by sitting. The world’s largest design festival held in Italy, an international trade show of interior design that draws attention from nearly 85,000 total visitors held in Paris, France. The visitors will surprise and smile as they sit in order and listen to the story of foct, and noodle with your hands on the support of the ribs, “So good?”The booth with amazing voice and a smile stopped your feet walking ahead of one another and the brochure you have prepared in no time.

Recommended for those who want to maintain proportions…For those who are working out, they tend to lose their posture…””I want to be aware of the beauty while studying. For students.For moms who are concerned about the pelvis distortion of before and after childbirth. Designed with a feminine body line. nto beauty is p! Sharp shape that fits better to the body than nto, preventing body from becoming collapsed, helping you achieve a beautiful posture.

Distortion for better posture and relieves tension.
Special Urethane shape allows for a comfortable sitting and duration.
Ventura disperse the pressure when sitting down, your desk or work in comfort.
※ The digital images and the actual item will be a little different from the real thing.

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P. nto Beauty and correct posture Habits for Beanbag Cushion Beauty Pinto Pinto Beauty Brown


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