Made in Japan Comic Samurai Transparent Book Cover for B6 Youth Comics, 100 Sheets

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Price: ¥980
(as of Mar 17, 2021 15:13:34 UTC – Details)

■ “Comic Samurai” brand transparent book cover.
This is a transparent comic cover that thoroughly revises the cost.
・It is easy to understand how to attach the package and the compatible size of the book.
Endless clear opp film is wrinkle-resistant and has an elegant luster that adds water and stain resistance to the cover of the book.
Environmentally friendly material that does not generate toxic fumes such as dioxin even if incinerated.

■Recommended for these occasions.
For library and rental comic shops.
For the business of an internet cafe or restaurant.
For personal collection
For beauty salons and waiting rooms.
Prevents stains when renting

■ Compatible Books Width: 5.1 inches (130 mm), Height: 7.2 inches (183 mm), Thickness: Compatible with B6 Youth Comics ranging from 0.2 – 0.8 inches (5 – 20 mm)
【Perfect Fit】
Choujo Ni Final (Green Arrow Publisher)
Black Butler (G Fantasy Comics / Square Enix)
WORKING!! Re:Order (Young Gungun Comics/Square Enix)
Each (media factory)
Gorgo 13 (SP Comics / Liid)
Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bandecine (Kadokawa Comic Ace / Kadokawa Shoshen)
Rosen Maiden (Birds Comics / Illinosha)
Gen shiken (Attanoon KC/Kodansha)
Kosaku Hakushima (Evening KC/Kodansha)
How many did you eat mushroom? (Morning KC/Kodansha)
Taiyo Maki Bao W The Rising Sun From The Ocean (Weekly Playboy Comics / Shueisha)
Jaja For Moratorium Riders (Sunday GX Comics / Shogakukan)
Iam Hero (Big Comics / Shogakukan)
・Charade of Love (Shouderensha)
Ouroboros (Bunch Comics / Shinchosha)
Pupa (Earth Star Comics / Yasai Bundo)
Akagi (Modern Mahjong Comics / Bamboo Shobo)
Suicide Island (JETS Comics / Hakusensha)
・Chef of Nobunsha (Houbunsha Comics/Houbunsha)

(Height is about 0.08 inch (2 mm) with extra room)
Pale cherry blossom demon (B’s LOG comics/enter brain).
Dont Cliggirl (Zero Comics/Libre)
LOVELESS (Zero Sam Comics B6 Edition/Ichinsha)
A Tyrant in Love (Gouache Comics / Kaiosha)
Manga from the same day (BEAM COMIX/Kadokawa Bookstoen)
I know my name (Asuka Comics DX/Kadokawa Bookstore).
Magami (Natsuki Clear Comics / Kadokawa Shoken).
Heart of Orga (ITAN/Kodansha)
Silver Spoon (KC Deluxe Kiss/Kodansha)
Las Meridian Princess Comics Deluxe Akita Bookshen
Lapis’s boat (Jump Comics Deluxe/Shueisha)
Realistic (Young Jump Comics / Shueisha)
Recommended for proper relationship (Young Euchorus / Shueisha)
Kojikoji (Ribon Mascot Comics / Shueisha)
I haven’t taken out of the ordinary. (Iki Comics / Shogakukan).
Love at the heart of the world (Petite Comi Flower Comics Special/Shogakukan)
Winged Comics / Shinshokan
Ooku (JETS Comics / Hakusensha)

(Height is about 0.2 inches (4 mm) with extra room)
Mayor Kyoka Enyama (Judy Comics / Shogakukan)
Emperor (Flower Comics α Special / Shogakukan)

※ Actual installation and confirmation, but due to sudden changes in the size of the book is not guaranteed to fit the size. This is just a reference only, please be responsible for your understanding.

Size (W x H x D): 14.0 x 7.4 inches (355 x 186 mm), 30 micron thickness, with tape. Compatible with youth comic books (approximately 5.1 x 7.2 inches (130 x 183 mm).
Material: OPP; Contents: 100 sheets; Country of Origin: Japan
Transparent book cover perfect for B6 youth comics. Also called transparent comic covers.
Made of opp film with high clarity and transparency, it can protect your precious comics while keeping them looking beautiful, crisp. Used in beauty salons, waiting rooms, libraries, cafes, rental shops nationwide.
Please check the product description below for compatible books.

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Made in Japan Comic Samurai Transparent Book Cover for B6 Youth Comics, 100 Sheets
Made in Japan Comic Samurai Transparent Book Cover for B6 Youth Comics, 100 Sheets


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