dot Men’s Deodorant Body Soap, 15.2 fl oz (450 ml) (Non-Medicinal Product)

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Product Description

3-in-1 Deodorant Body Soap (Deodorizing), Moisturizing, Persimmon Tannin, Water Soluble Collagen, Acne Sterilization, Hyaluronic Acid, Isopropyl Ceramide 3 Ceramic (Reduces the growth of the causal bacteria); STEP1, Rinses off the sebum stains on the skin, and prevents the nonena in the pores. Clean the doll and then Rinse off. ■STEP2 Active Ingredients (Simen-5-All) sterilization and antibacterial bacteria that can cause odors, cleans pores and skin. – STEP3 also deodorizes with cactanin. Antimicrobial Katanin reduces the growth of odor causing bacteria, and helps to tighten pores. ■STEP4 Natural moisturizing ingredients are used for skin care luxuriously moisturizing ingredients, leading to a moisturizing and moisturizing environment after washing.

How to Use: 1. Push the body soap into the towel 2-3 times and use warm water to lather. 2. After the foam is firmly applied, wash your body thoroughly with foam.Please be careful as excessive rubbing may damage your skin. 3. Rinse thoroughly so as not to wash off the soap.


Odor Prevention Gel

Wakiga Deodorizing Body Soap

Adult Acne Prevention

Facial wash with anti-acne


Super Strong Deodorizing x Instant Deodorizing x Long Lasting: Gel type that does not stick easily.It stretches quickly with a small amount and can be used for about 1 month even when used daily.

Deodorant x Moisturizing x Acne Care: 3-in-1 deodorant body soap.The active ingredients (Shimen-5-All) are sterilized and antibacterial, and deodorizes with Kakitanin.Natural moisturizing ingredients help skin to moisturize and moisturizing environment.

Formulated with an active ingredient of dipotassium glycyrrhizinate to prevent acne.The entire body, back, hips, chest, and arms can be used with this single piece. Naturally derived moisturizing formula helps keep your skin feeling refreshed and fresh. Moisturizes skin and prevents dryness.

Formulated with dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, an active ingredient that suppresses pores inflammation to prevent acne.Effects/Effects: Includes acne and razor, and prevents skin rashes.Skin cleans

Fights strong foot odor.
Protects against underarm odor.
Formulated with 6 kinds of plant extracts.
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate prevents inflammation.

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dot Men’s Deodorant Body Soap, 15.2 fl oz (450 ml) (Non-Medicinal Product)


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